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Coding is not particularly easy to learn, but that's exactly why it is so valuable. Our goal is to empower the younger generation to learn how to code, especially as computers and technology are becoming a bigger part of our lives day by day. Our classes teach fundamental programming languages through project based curriculums which kids can connect with and be passionate about.
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build a text game
Grades 6 - 9 · Text Based
Java · Eclipse · Github
Students will learn how to build a text based Java Game using the Eclipse IDE while also learning the basic principles of Java development.
Code a Portfolio
Grades 6 - 11 · Static Website
HTML · JS · CSS · Brackets · Firebase
Students will learn how to build a responsive, portfolio using HTML, Javascript, and CSS, and also how to host their website under their own domain name.
build a video game
Grades 7 - 10 · Graphics Based
Java · JavaFX · Eclipse · Github
Students will learn how to build a graphics based desktop app with Java and will learn key elements about modern layouts and responsive UI.
code a webapp
Grades 8 - 12 · Server Based
Database · Auth · JS · Firebase
Students will learn how to build powerful webapps with Firebase and JS and will learn how to build a secure, yet modern social media network.
Made for students,
taught by students.
Executive Director
Sidd Iyer
Sponsorship Director
Sahil Morchi
Outreach Director
Ananya V.
Head Teacher
Mihir Kekkar
Head Teacher
Hunter Liu
Assistant Teacher
Ferris Atassi
Assistant Teacher
Jerry Zhang
Assistant Teacher
Oz Anisman
Assistant Teacher
Matthew Der
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